Twitter Vs Facebook For Generating Leads For Your Business

There has been a constant debate on whether or not Twitter or Facebook is better for generating leads for your business. Facebook is number 2 for the most popular site and Twitter is ranked in the 11th spot. It really depends on your business and your target market to determine the winner of the Facebook Vs. Twitter debate. Here are some benefits of both social networking sites.

Facebook allows ease of communication through private messaging, wall posts and chat. It enables you to really grasp someone’s background and personality. This is great if you are trying to qualify prospects for your business. It also allows you to create your own business page and has an option for advertising.

The notes section and profile box are a great way to share your information to the world and show that you are an honest and trusting leader. You can put your website directly on your profile and information tabs, this is great for getting your friends to go directly to your website without searching through your information. Keeping your updates and wall posts engaging will help you keep your friends happy and make them curious about your business. You need to get a good idea of who a person is before you give someone your link or they might think you are being spammy and they have an option or reporting you.

Twitter is a very quick way of getting traffic to your pages. The traffic to lead conversion rates however will be super low. People are on Twitter to cure boredom, or to generate business. Be careful to only post 25% of your content as business content and the other 75% of content as engaging posts. You will be followed and unfollowed by hundreds of people daily so it is important to keep your posts engaging enough to gain followers and keep them on your account. Once you reach a certain amount of friends to follower ratio, Twitter will not let you follow anybody else. This is when you know you need more content in your Tweets. lead conversion squared review

The direct message option does allow you to converse with others, although a lot of the messages are automated and people are not trying to engage conversation, but promote their sites. It can be time consuming to read and delete direct messages every day.

Although you have the option for creating your own background image or design, it would be helpful to be allowed to have 2-5 pictures on your profile for others to see another side of your personality.

So overall, in the Twitter Vs. Facebook debate with regards to promoting your business, Facebook is the clear winner. The ability to engage someone in a conversation is easier and the traffic to lead conversion is much higher. Twitter is great for getting people to check out your new blog posts, or a new website but unless you have over 20,000 followers, you will need to work really hard to generate one lead from Twitter.


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